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Hey there,

my name is Chris and I'm the founder of Taskwer. As you may already know, Taskwer is a crowdfunding platform which allows people to raise funds for their goals. For example, you can use Taskwer to raise funds for your education, travel, business ventures, art projects, publishing a book, or even buying a home. Unlike traditional crowdfunding platforms that rely on donations, on Taskwer, you can raise funds by providing services in return. Services can range from in-person services like tutoring, babysitting, home repair to online services such as graphic design, writing, and software development.

How Taskwer works?

1. Create an Account
2. Build your Campaign - add your story, share goals, set funding target and list services you plan  to offer to your supporters.
3. Publish and Share - when your campaign is ready, you can publish it and share it with your friends and family.
4. Get Orders - you can start getting orders right away, you can also talk to your supporter, discuss all the details and give them custom prices.
5. Raise Funds - when you complete the ordered task, you will receive payment. Taskwer currently supports Cash payments, PayPal and Bank Transfers and takes no fees so it's completely free to use.

What's Next?
Taskwer is currently in the Beta stage and here's the list of things I plan to add in the near future: 

1. Credit Card Payments
2. App Redesign to improve the overall design of the app and improve user experience
3. Refactor the Front End using Phoenix LiveView to make whole experience smoother and more enjoyable

How You Can Help?
I've been working on Taskwer in my free time, developing features and now I would like to take it to the next level. I'll continue adding new features and making improvements but I also want to focus on marketing and spreading the word about the app and for that I need your help. As I don't have a marketing budget, I'm looking to raise $20,000 which would help me to reach out to new users and build a community around Taskwer.

In return, I'm offering a range of web development services at great prices;

1. Small Business Websites, Landing Pages, Blogs, Personal Websites - websites will be custom designed and coded to fit your needs, fully responsive and ready for phones, tablets and desktops, optimized for SEO, with integrated CMS of your choice; Sanity, Prismic, DecapCMS, Keystatic, etc. 
2. App Development - I can create MVP's, Full-Featured Apps and API's, as a single developer or part of a team, using Elixir and Phoenix framework.

And I just want to thank everyone for being a part of this campaign.